Resident at Marana Facility Praises Staff

MTC’s Arizona State Prison-Marana in southern Arizona is helping prepare residents for success after they’re released.

“When they pass you in the hallway and they ask me how I’m doing, I know they’re really asking me how I’m doing. They don’t just keep on moving.”

Thomas Washburn is incarcerated at the Marana facility. He says correctional officers are professional and kind.

“I have no complaints. All the staff here are pretty nice.”

The Marana facility offers numerous education, substance abuse, and life skills courses. Thomas has participated in many programs but one has stuck out.

“I volunteered for MRT, Moral Reconation Therapy. It’s more about looking at yourself than what everybody else thinks about why you’re here or what you did. It helps you search and find your innocence and the person you can be.”

He says not only has he improved his life through various programs, he’s received excellent care from MTC Medical staff. Before being incarcerated, Thomas had a serious medical issue that wasn’t treated properly. He says the medical professionals at the Marana facility made the difference.

“It wasn’t until here until I got my issue fixed.”