A Chance Encounter in Idaho as a Warden Runs into Former Residents

While on business in downtown Boise, Idaho, Warden Brian Finn of MTC’s Idaho Correctional Alternative Placement Program (CAPP) facility ran into some familiar faces. Two men recognized Warden Finn and immediately went up to him.

“Happy to see a warden?”  Warden Finn asked them as they joked about how pleased they were to cross paths. The former residents were eager to express their thoughts about their time at Idaho CAPP.

Scott Byrd

“I’ve gotten a lot out of the program,” Scott Byrd said to the warden, referring to the rehabilitation efforts provided by the facility. “And I want to thank you personally. I think what you’re doing there is good stuff.”

Frank Hendry agreed.

Frank Hendry

“I’ve learned so much about myself and just realized that I was really affecting other people’s lives too, in a horrible way, not just my own.  The tools that we learned in there; there’s so many things. I think differently about how to handle issues as they come up. Instead of having anxiety and drinking, I know how to address it and how to go about doing it the right way.”

Scott Byrd further explained—with a smile on his face “Listen, I was in prison, so it wasn’t all that great. But I wanted to change my life,” he continued in seriousness. “So I got a lot out of the programming there. The regimen of getting up, making your bed, and all that was stuff that I was missing in my life.”

The unexpected visit ended with Warden Finn shaking the men’s hands, congratulating them for doing so well with their lives, and wishing them good luck.