A Committed Staff and Exceptional Programming at the Dalby Facility Result in Success

“I would like to take the time and say ‘thank you’ to the staff at Dalby,” begins Warden Stephen McAdams of the Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility in Post, Texas. “Their tireless efforts, their dedication to the facility and commitment to the mission and MTC speaks for itself. And I’ve never been more proud to be associated with a group of corrections professionals than I am today…They’re consummate professionals in the way they represent MTC, and maybe most importantly, themselves. I think maybe that’s what makes me most proud.”

One resident, Jorge Cruz, explains how the programs at the facility have helped him improve his life.

“I really like this a lot. I enjoy it because every day I’m learning more and more with all of them…Those who go through these programs here, when they leave, they leave and enter society with a different mentality. I’m confident that we can have jobs without any problems. I’m sure of that.”

“This is going to help us develop more on the outside,” agrees Miguel Hernandez. “This type [of programming] encourages us, making us grow as a person.”

Israel Lopez, who’s also incarcerated at the facility, adds, “I’m just happy to have something like this as an option. It’s something that we can definitely use, once we get released from here…I feel like I’m benefitting, and every day I learn something new.”

Jorge Cruz concludes, “I believe this is a great benefit to us, for when we leave this place. To be involved in good things, and to do good things for the community, for everyone in general.”

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