A Cook-off at the Cleveland Facility Fills Everyone with Gratitude

Cleveland Correctional Center, in Cleveland, Texas, recently held a cook-off competition. Each pod put together a team of five men who could only use commissary items and hot pots. The dishes that were created were innovative, plated well, and delicious!

The judging team was led by Warden Michael Upshaw.  The incarcerated men who participated expressed gratitude to the warden for the opportunity to be involved in such a unique activity. Read some of their comments below or click above to watch the story.

“We appreciate it, warden. We appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you for all the activities you bring to the unit. We couldn’t ask for a better warden.”

“Hey, I’ve been on a lot of units. This is by far the best unit. Appreciate you, warden.”

“Shout out to Warden Upshaw!”

“Appreciate you, warden. Thank you for doing this for us.”

At the conclusion of the competition, Warden Upshaw expressed his appreciation for everyone’s efforts.

“Let me just say to all the teams, job well done, guys. Job well done! I hope ya’ll had fun. We had fun doing the judging. You really did a great job. This will be an annual event. We’ll do it again.”