A Message About the Importance of Learning

Dave Doty, vice president of engaged learning at MTC, began the new year encouraging everyone to reflect and take stock of all the good things in their lives. He said,

Stills Dave

“Personally, I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to work for MTC, where I get to join with all of you in helping people change their lives for the better every day…I’m also very thankful that MTC is a learning organization, and that our engaged learning team gets to support both students and staff in continuously improving their knowledge and skills.

He went on to say, “One of the most significant initiatives we have undertaken this past year is to expand the amount of e-learning that is available to staff. Through the RISE e-learning platform, we have created and delivered all kinds of new content that is helping employees learn the essential skills of their positions.”

Stills Dave

“Our intent in delivering e-training courses to both the corporate office and facilities is to make training more accessible, more convenient, more timely, more cost-effective, and more engaging. If you have had the opportunity to take one of our RISE e-learning courses, we welcome your feedback as to what you liked, or maybe didn’t like, about this new training format. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience learning in RISE, we invite you to look for that opportunity in 2022.”

Stills Dave

So, he said, “As we get ready to kick off another exciting year, I invite you to learn something new every day. Take a RISE course. Read a book. Study a foreign language. Watch a TED talk. Practice an instrument. Whatever you do, keep your brain fired up and your passion for learning alive.”