A Prestigious Position for Senior VP of Corrections Leann Bertsch

MTC’s Senior Vice President of Corrections Leann Bertsch was sworn in as the president of the Association of Women Executives in Corrections, or, AWEC.

The national association was organized in 1995 to support women in leadership positions in the field of corrections and to do more to promote a stronger presence of women in those leadership roles. Leann explains some of the ways this is accomplished.

Leann AWEC President Still
Leann Bertsch at the Association of Women Executives in Corrections

“Professional development, great networking opportunities, and really focusing on leadership within the ranks of women executives.”

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At the recent AWEC conference, where Leann was sworn in, she explained some of her vision to the attendees

“We want to be able to shed tears when we need to shed tears,” she told them. “We need to be able to show empathy when we need to show empathy. We want to be there as a kind, caring person, because there are people we need to care for, whether they are in our care, custody and control, or whether they are an employee.”

Leann AWEC President Still

Leann brings with her a career full of rich experience, as she reflects on what she hopes to accomplish in the two years she will serve as AWEC president.

“Well, I want to continue the great work that’s already being done, growing the organization, bringing more women into the fold, and really having quality programs and quality speakers at our conferences. And also increasing our efforts to have regular, virtual programs that women can sign on to and actually have continuing education and professional development throughout the year.”

“The future is bright in corrections,” she spoke at the conference, “because of each and every one of you.”