A Special Gift for Students in Utah in Celebration of MTC’s 40th Anniversary

Classrooms full of bright-eyed, enthusiastic children at Centerville Elementary (Utah) thanked MTC for giving them each a brand-new book.

Centerville Elementary, Utah

“It was exciting to watch the students with their expressions and their excitement to get a new book,” says Monica Flint, library supervisor for the Davis School District in Utah. “Children love books.”

In recognition of MTC’s 40th anniversary and in partnership with the Davis Education Foundation, MTC donated more than 800 books to the Davis School District.

“We ask them what book you would like for every student in your class?”

Michael Marquardt organized the project for the corporate office, but MTC facilities throughout the world took part in the literacy drive.

“We’ve raised over 22,000 which is phenomenal and way above our expectations,” says Michael.

Micael M
Michael Marquardt, MTC

In Utah, MTC gave one book to all students at Centerville Elementary and Valley View Elementary in Bountiful. The principal of Centerville couldn’t have been more pleased.

“You saw their eyes,” says Principal Eric Holmes. “You saw how they lit up when we said, ‘Hey, you get your very own copy.’”

Eric Holmes has been teaching for 35 years and says this is what it’s all about.

Eric Holmes, Principal, Centerville Elementary

“I would love to say thank you to MTC because this a personal reach out. This is on the frontlines. It’s with the kids, it’s in the classroom. It’s a direct action that’s going to affect their lives.”

In addition to giving each student a new book at two schools, MTC donated dozens of other books to 27 school libraries in the district.

“Literacy definitely hit home for me,” explains Michael, who is the son of MTC President Scott Marquardt. “It’s valued a lot in my personal upbringing, which you could say was just within MTC, which was my personal upbringing.”

“We’ve been doing so much online that having a good old-fashioned book in your hand,” says the principal, “I think, even they understand how exciting that is…To give a book to a child, you can’t go wrong. That’s just been a wonderful thing. And we want to thank MTC for doing that.”

Centerville Elementary