Alisa Darnaby: Humor, Happiness, and Heart

“Ms. Darnaby is an amazing employee,” says Amanda Davilla, the major of the Kyle Correctional Center in Kyle, TX.

“I love my job,” explains Alisa Darnaby, records clerk of the facility, who is fairly new to her job. “I love what I do. These people jumped in, the staff members jumped in to help me, show me, explain, and have been patient through my many, many mistakes.”

Kyle Staff Profile Alisa Darnaby Still
Alisa Darnaby, Kyle Correctional Center

“That’s an amazing thing to come in as a new employee,” Major Davilla states, “have no idea about the prison system at all and learn it so fast. That is the heart of our facility, that’s what makes this prison tick. And she does an amazing job at making sure that we’re ticking perfectly.

“She has a great sense of humor,” she continues. “She makes everything light and she does it with ease. She’s an amazing soul, and she’ll make you laugh just by looking at you and that infectious laugh that she has.”

When she’s not working, Alisa enjoys fishing, reading, sewing, and doing crafts with friends. She also enjoys serving, which is why she has spent time as a foster parent. The idea of service is one of her favorite things about her job: Serving fellow staff members, and the residents at the facility.

“I’ve got such passion to be there for people,” says Alisa, “to show them that there are those who care. And be real about it, be authentic. I think that’s what our – Believe it or not I care – and it is, it’s being authentic, being real. I have to say, I’ve worked in a lot of places…we give back, and I like that. When you work for a company like that, it makes you want to invest more into that company. Because they’re giving back.”

Kyle Staff Profile Alisa Darnaby Still
Alisa Darnaby and staff, Kyle Correctional Center

Major Davilla sees Alisa’s attitude as typical. “Everyone on this facility does their part, they are an amazing group to work with, and I couldn’t ask for better co-workers than at Kyle Correctional facility.”