Celebrating Meaningful Change at MTC’s Bradshaw State Jail in Texas

Celebrating Meaningful Change at MTC’s Bradshaw State Jail in Texas

MTC’s Bradshaw State Jail, in Henderson, Texas, is proud of its partnership with Celebrate Recovery, a volunteer, faith-based organization that provides incarcerated people with the tools to overcome addictions and celebrate the joy of living.

The program is administered by two volunteers, Marian and Alan Collins. Working with staff, the Collins coordinate the ministry, enhancing the facility’s rehabilitation efforts.

“The staff at Bradshaw,” says Marian, “has been more than willing to see that we have a full house in the chapel. They are also a fun bunch of folks who seem to enjoy the program as we present it to the guys.”

Held twice a month, on Fridays, the Celebrating Recovery events have an attendance sometimes exceeding 250 where the men are encouraged to pursue a better life through a 12-step journey to freedom.

“I have been going to Celebrate Recovery on this unit,” says George Travis Williams. “I have truly enjoyed it. I really think that it helps people I know and it does me.”

“[It’s] a place where it’s okay not to be okay,” adds Michael Glasgow. “We learn recovery from all aspects of life.”

Alonso Molina Sosa is another incarcerated man who benefits from the Collins’ efforts.

“I appreciate what Alan and Marian contribute to the program. I enjoy the music and love the positive energy that comes from the program.”

The staff at Bradshaw display their BIONIC, Believe It Or Not I Care, attitude by facilitating Celebrating Recovery so enthusiastically. Marian is grateful for the eager effort.

“We have had nothing but open arms and rolled out carpets for us as we enter the front door. Warden Driskell and Chaplain Salvatore have made themselves available whenever we have any questions. An open door policy, if you will.”