Local Officials “Impressed” with Treatment of Detainees at Imperial Facility

Just north of Mexico in southeastern California, you’ll find the Imperial Regional Detention Facility.

“I have a very different perspective now being able to tour the facility. Again a lot of credit needs to be given to the staff. It’s an incredibly clean facility. And what I really take away from the facility is the fact that they value human dignity,” said Alex Cardenas, the mayor of El Centro, California.

Mayor Cardenas and Imperial County Supervisor Ray Castillo saw for themselves how Management & Training Corporation is making a difference in the lives of detainees held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE.

Mr. Cardenas added, “Although this is a short-term stay, there’s also a focus and attention to provide programming; being able to see some of the keyboarding, vocational skills that are offered, access to the library. The fact that they have a full-fledged library where inmates can access information is very, very impressive.”

County Supervisor for District 5 in Imperial County Ray Castillo said, “This is the first time that I’ve toured this facility and I’m very, very impressed. My experience, I come from corrections and having served in state facilities. It compares with the some of the best prisons that I’ve ever seen.”

Mayor Cardenas emphasized that staff members are committed to serving the detainees with compassion and care.

“The attention to human dignity is something that I’m taking away after this tour and how they treat folks who come into their facility.”

In addition to providing detainees with programs to help improve their lives, the Imperial Regional Detention Facility also focuses heavily on making their community better.

Mayor Cardenas talked about the facility’s strong partnership with the Mexican Consulate.

“We got a great education on some of the things that MTC is doing in the community. We were able to take a look at their quilting program, understand their relationship with the counsel. That is very important, the fact that they have a well-developed relationship with our local counsel. And being able to hear about all the activities, so very impressed with their efforts to be involved with the community.”

County Supervisor Castillo added, “Talking to the warden, he mentioned all the different organizations that they work with and I think that’s commendable. So I’d like to commend MTC staff for what they do with the community.”