Cultivating Growth at Kyle Correctional Center

It’s a chance to foster growth and experience it themselves. The garden program at Kyle Correctional Center in Kyle, Texas, helps residents and the community.

For facility Records Clerk Alisa Darnaby, garden outcomes reflect positively on a bigger picture. “It’s great to work for a company that focuses on something besides, what I will call, the almighty dollar,” Alisa said. “They’re looking at giving back.”

Kyle Garden Story Still
Residents working the garden at Kyle Unit

Kyle residents work the garden, gaining valuable skills and experience, and donate grown produce to the community.

Amanda Davilla is the major at the facility. “Watching the guys give back to the community and making them feel like they’re contributing to something good, to society, it’s rewarding to watch that – that feeling they get.”

The garden has had a positive impact on residents.

“I’ve learned a lot,” explains Brandon Whatley, one of the resident garden workers. “I didn’t know anything about gardening until we started here. Plus, it’s (garden produce) all donated to the food bank. It makes me feel good because people are hungry and may need it, and it’s going to the food bank. We’re helping people out. It’s a good thing. I’m glad I was a part of it.”

Kyle Garden Story Still
Brandon Whatley, Resident, Kyle Unit

“Our employees donated the seeds to make this possible,” Major Daville explained. “They’re proud of this. They’re proud to be a part of something so big. Being able to give back to the community. Being able to contribute to Hays County and the food bank. It is a pride and joy for this facility.”

“I took a lot out of this,” Brandon added. “I do appreciate it.”