East Mississippi Correctional Facility Celebrates Five Years

Local elected officials, community leaders, and staff gathered at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility in Meridian to celebrate MTC’s five-year anniversary at the prison.

Staff and visitors expressed their appreciation to MTC for all that’s been done to make the facility safe, secure, and a place where offenders can rehabilitate their lives.

“Look how you guys have blossomed,” says Re-Entry Coordinator Carolyn Powe to her fellow staff. “You have done it, and you’re doing it. And continue to do it.  God bless.”

“I want to say thank you,” adds Acting Major Christopher Dykes. “Not only to you and the other wardens but to the program staff, I want to say thank you to each of you. You make our jobs easier in security with the programming and different things you do for the offenders. I also want to say thank you, because every time we go to you, 99.9999 percent of the time—they stop what they’re doing and assist us.”

Warden Frank Shaw and his management team recognized all of their staff including the 86 who have been with MTC for the full five years.

“There are good people here,” stresses Warden Shaw. “Good people who truly want to make a difference in this facility and in the community. For all of you who have been here these five years—thank you so much.”

Vice President of the corrections region that oversees the East Mississippi prison says the reason the facility is making so much progress is because of the outstanding staff.

“Every day that you’re out there,” Vice President Marjorie Brown says to staff attending the five-year celebration, “you’re engaging with the inmates and you’re showing them how to make different choices. So once again, I deeply thank you. Thank you very much for what you do. Words cannot express the tireless work of correctional personnel.”

Some employees have worked at the facility for a lot longer than five years. They made the transition to MTC from the previous operator and say they’re grateful for MTC’s commitment to them and to helping offenders change their lives.

“No one knew exactly what to expect,” emphasizes Commissary Supervisor Velma Roberts, “But I can honestly say that MTC is moving progressively forward.”

Lead Substance Abuse Counselor Matthew Lee adds,

“I have really enjoyed working here. I have met some great people. I’ve enjoyed myself. I’ve learned a lot.  This is five years that I will never forget.”

Happy fifth anniversary East Mississippi correctional Facility!