“The Facility’s Awesome” Writes one man at the IAH Facility

Arturo Rios, a detainee at the IAH Detention Center in Livingston, Texas, recently submitted a note of appreciation to Warden David Stacks. In his journal, Arturo wrote his feelings about Warden Stacks’ response to his note.

“I was very, very pleased and impressed that Warden Stacks acknowledged my first note,” Arturo recorded, “and took some time to get to know me. I had not seen that coming. I am humbled by that.”

Arturo was born in Mexico, but raised in the United States. He’s a veteran of the Gulf War—honorably released from the military. His battles with depression and PTSD led to his addictions which have led him to the very real possibility of being deported back to Mexico, landing him at IAH.  Aside from a county jail, the incarceration experience at IAH is Arturo’s first.  He wrote in his journal about his stay at IAH.

“The facility’s awesome. For its purpose, I strongly agree that it’s perfect. I have had everything that I’ve needed. The facility is always kept very clean. The medical staff and service are very professional and prompt.”

In working on his case, Arturo spends nearly every day in the library. Not only does he find the law portion of the library extremely useful, he enjoys the books, and especially, the help from staff member Michael Hart.

“He goes over and beyond,” says Arturo about Mr. Hart. “Even when I don’t fill out an I-60, he still knocks on the window and asks if I want to come down, and then he’ll just have me fill out one of them I-60s, and he takes me over there. Mr. Hart’s done faxing for me. If you want to contact a lawyer, or they need to contact you, he sets up a time to do that.”

Michael explains his disposition at the facility.

“The main thing for me is just trying to keep the human factor, and always understand that there’s a human behind what you’re doing. The way you talk to people, the way you interact with people, interacting with them in a firm, fair, and consistent manner is absolutely critical to your day and your success on your job.”

“I got no complaints,” sums up Arturo.

About IAH Detention Center

IAH Detention Center is accredited by the American Correctional Association—
achieving over 99% compliance for both mandatory and non-mandatory standards in
its most recent audit.