Getting Tuned Into Music at the Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility

“When I got here,” says Victor Serrano, “I knew nothing about music.”

Victor came to the Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility, in Post, Texas, some time ago, having never played a musical instrument.  Neither had Jesus Corral or Adrian Aleman when they arrived at Dalby.

“In this facility,” Adrian explains, “I learned how to play guitar, bass, some keyboard, and [after] two years and a half, now I can teach other people.”

All three of these men took advantage of the music program developed by staff and offered by the facility. They have not only become accomplished musicians during their stay at Dalby, but are now also instructors in the program.

“That’s one of the things I tell the new inmates when they come in,” says Jesus Corral. “I learned here. When they see me play, they think that I played before.”

The music program at the Dalby facility is not required by the contract with the Bureau of Prisons, but is an effort developed and presented by staff who want to go above and beyond, displaying the MTC BIONIC spirit of Believe It or Not I Care.

“I wanna say thanks to MTC programs,” expresses Adrian Aleman, “thanks to the Post, Texas facility.”

Victor Serrano adds his appreciation. “I wanna thank MTC, and especially here in Dalby, that we have this program.”

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