Heading back home with new outlook on life thanks to Kyle facility

Cruz Solis will soon be released from the Kyle Correctional Center in Kyle, Texas.

“This facility has actually taught me a lot. It’s taught me more about patience and tolerance; how to judge. My cognitive thinking came up to keep me from relapsing again.”

He says the rehabilitation programs at Kyle have been incredible.

“It’s changed my life in the way where I can make better decisions. And I believe I can see my future a little bit brighter than I once saw it, you know?”

Warden Deanna Branham and her staff focus on the individuals, helping them to see their potential.

“I believe the warden, Ms. Branham, has great staff. Her lieutenants, even the counseling staff, they’re great. They’ve taught me a lot. They have patience. They come out here every day and try and help us.”

After release, Cruz will move back to southern Texas where he plans to get a job and start a new life.

“I believe I’ll benefit a lot when I get out. And something my family will benefit as well and my peers. So, I’m really looking forward to that when I get out. And I thank the whole staff.”