Watch as Three Residents are Released from Lockhart

“I have been locked up two years, three months, and 21 days today,” smiles Nola Wooley, standing with fellow residents Keisha Houser and Jennifer Hare.  “I don’t have to count no more.”

Today, Nola, Keisha, and Jennifer are being released from the Lockhart Correctional Facility in Lockhart, Texas. Nola expresses how she feels.

“To me, this is a new start. This is a beginning for me; a start in the beginning of  a new journey in my life.”

As they take their leave and finish up the final paperwork, the women reflect on what they learned—particularly through the programming they each embraced.

“I learned that patience is a virtue and that nothing is built in a day,” says Nola. “And that you take out of this program what you want to take out of this program which has a lot to offer.”  She concludes, “This is a great facility to be at, and I recommend it to anyone.”