Incarcerated Men at Otero I Talk About the Facility’s Culture and How it Makes a Difference

Rick Martinez is the warden of the Otero County Prison Facility in Chaparral, New Mexico.

“We make sure that our staff communicate daily with the inmates,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what department we work [in]. Open communication between staff and inmates; that’s what makes a place safe, and a good place to work at.”

Two residents speak to the positive culture inside the facility that Warden Martinez and his staff strive to maintain.

Jonathan Pino:

“The staff – there is genuine; that BIONIC [Believe It Or Not I Care] method. There are people within these walls that do care [about] making us better, so that when we do return to society, we’re not going to come back. I really do appreciate that about the staff here at MTC.”

Wenses Baca:

“I appreciate that people believe in me now; that they believe in me in the sense that–it’s the knowing—that I am capable of better, that I have come from a dark place, and knowing that even though you came from that dark place, that there’s still that light and that there’s still people that believe.  And they see it. When you’re demonstrating these things, they see it, it’s not just said.”