Jane Maquardt Joins Nation in Recognizing Vital Workers

The week of May 3-9 is National Correctional Officers and Employees Week and National Teacher Appreciation Week. Wednesday, May 6 is also National Nurses Day.

MTC Vice Chair Jane Marquardt wished to express MTC’s appreciation to these employees-whose jobs are so vital to our society.

“On behalf of all of us at MTC, we want to thank each one of our correctional and detention workers during this week of recognition. Also, this week, we recognize our teachers and medical staff in Job Corps. And while each of you are always going about your jobs with admirable dedication, this spring, your heroics are reaching a new level.

As essential workers during this COVID pandemic, you remain on the front lines, keeping our people, our facilities, and our centers safe and secure. You teachers are navigating very challenging times to keep the noble work of education and life-changing opportunities available. And you medical workers are particularly challenged as you take care of people’s additional health needs, and you take steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

We recognize that each one of you is undoubtedly experiencing a wide range of emotions. On top of our regular jobs, we have a range of new worries: elderly family members, family members who have lost their jobs, how to educate our kids from home, friends or family members who have COVID.

We can’t say enough about what each of you is doing. We applaud your bravery and your dedication. Please know how much we appreciate you.

MTC is full of pandemic heroes. We appreciate your BIONIC (Believe It or Not I Care) spirits. Let’s continue to be #BIONIC Together.”