Lockhart correctional facility first women’s prison in nation to offer entrepreneurship program

Lockhart correctional facility first women’s prison in nation to offer entrepreneurship program

The Lockhart Correctional Facility is pleased to be the first women’s facility in the United States to provide the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP).

“PEP has a proven track record in reducing recidivism and helping to provide job opportunities to incarcerated individuals,” says Warden James Frawner. “The women at Lockhart are extremely excited to benefit from the program.”

PEP graduates have exceptionally low recidivism rates—approximately 7%—compared to a national average of 50%. The program results in 100% of graduates finding employment with 90 days of release. PEP also leads to higher starting wages, excellent job retention, and serves as an incubator for incarcerated men and women who want to launch their own businesses.

The program will provide computer skills, character development, and six months of college-level training. The women will also put together their own business proposal that they will pitch dozens of times throughout the course.

Warden Frawner added, “Business leaders from the community will volunteer to mentor, encourage, and support the women. After they’re released, graduates will enjoy job placement assistance and other services to help them effectively make the transition back to society.”

The first PEP class at Lockhart includes nearly 40 women. There are currently 200 women on the waiting list to participate in the new program.

MTC offers PEP at some of its men’s facilities in Texas and has had great results. See some of the stories here:



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