“They do a lot for us” Says a Diboll Offender Who is Close to Release

Parker Crutcher sands and prepares a ceiling for paint at the Diboll Correctional Center in Texas.

In just a few weeks, he’ll be released from the facility and head back to his home in Memphis, Tennessee. There he wants to start his own painting business. And because of the skills he learned through the facility’s painting program, he’s well on his way.

Parker says the Diboll facility gives offenders many opportunities to improve themselves.

“They do a lot for us—different vocational classes, Toastmasters, Therapon, GED, different activities around the unit.”

In fact, Parker volunteers to help lead several recreational activities including football—his personal favorite. But he’s a bit disappointed that the warden has yet to join them on the field.

Interviewer: “Do you get the warden out there at all?

Parker responds with an emphatic, “No!”

Joking aside, Parker says Diboll staff have always been very supportive and encouraging.

“They care about every offender here. They just mean it.”

Because of Parker’s leadership and involvement in various activities, he’s inspired other offenders to stay on the right path.

“It’s good. It helps people. I show people that there are different avenues than just fighting and all that other stuff in prison.”

And he also knows that everything he’s learned inside prison will go a long way on the outside.

“It’s given me better education. It’s given me better a better outlook of what I can do when I get out, what I can do.”