Marshall County Correctional Staff Provide Vital Support to Criminal Justice Students

Deputy Warden Patricia Doty, or Trish, of the Marshall County Correctional Facility, helps coordinate an internship program involving Ole Miss University. In doing so, she works closely with Anne Klingen who is adjunct internship instructor at Ole Miss.

“Trish really gets it,” Anne explains. “She understands this is a learning opportunity for the student, and so she puts them through their paces. She has them try all sorts of different things. And it’s a learning opportunity for them, which is want we want, and what the students want. So, I appreciate her working with us to make sure that happens for our students.”

Recently, Warden Doty stepped in to help an Ole Miss student interning at the facility, who, because of difficult challenges in his personal life, was struggling to keep up with his commitment to the internship and to his university studies in general.

“So, he wasn’t coming to campus,” says Anne, “he was just going over to Holly Springs. So, I really didn’t get a chance to see him. I would call him and email him, but I couldn’t really, get him. She got him!” Anne referred to Trish. “Because I called her and said I’m really having problems with this student, can you help me out? And she grabbed him, she said, ‘do you want to complete? This is what you need to graduate’, and got him motivated and got him going, and I’m so proud of him. I’m so proud of her. He was failing for me. Just because I asked him to submit kind of a journal, what’s happening, so I know what’s happening. And we can help him, and he wasn’t doing that; he was floundering. And Trish was able to grab him and give him that encouragement he needed to get through it. So, she was my partner. Actually, I think she was probably a stronger partner than I was for this young man. She was more what he needed than I was.”