Meet Ralph Rosiles Who Leads an Incredible Team of Healthcare Professionals at the Dalby Facility

The MTC Medical division provides the medical services at many of the facilities we operate. The medical team at each site is led by a health services administrator or HSA.

All of us at MTC want to take a moment to salute each one of our HSAs, knowing they represent the determination and fortitude of every member of their team at each facility where MTC Medical has a presence.

In this story, we pay tribute to Ralph Rosiles, the HSA at the Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility in Post, TX. Rachel Chapa is the warden.

Ralph: Here, it’s different. The atmosphere is a little bit more upbeat. There’s a lot more respect, not only within people working here, but also with the offenders.

Warden Chapa: Prior to coming here, already being skilled in working in the medical field, he has brought those skills and those tools.

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Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility

Ralph: What I like here is you know your patient. If there seems like something is wrong, you recognize those things, because you’re here with them all the time. So, we can provide better, in my opinion, we can provide better service in that way, because we get to know who our patients are. The one thing I like about this job is the staff that I have. They go above and beyond; they step up. I’m not having to ask, no, they’re volunteering to help out.

Warden Chapa: The impact he’s had on the staff is more structure, has been more cohesive; a team approach, open door policy. He’s definitely a good communicator, willing to listen to them.

Ralph: They’re just amazing. They look out for each other.

Warden Chapa: They’ve always worked together to make sure that medical continuity of care was provided to the inmate population.

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Ralph Rosiles

Ralph: They do collaborate with each other to make sure the right care is given. There’s a lot of communication always going around to make sure we’re giving the best care. It is just a very unique situation from anything else that I’ve ever been involved in.