Men at the Bradshaw State Jail Share Feelings during Graduation Ceremony

Andrea Odom, programs manager at Bradshaw State Jail in Henderson, TX, recently welcomed graduates, family members, and staff to a GED and vocational certification graduation.

“Graduations are the highlight of our year,” she said. “Not just for our graduates, but for our staff.”

In his speech, Jonathan McKnight expressed his gratitude.

“To all of the teachers and staff in the education building who come here every day to try and get us to better ourselves—thank you so much.”

His words were followed by an applause by the audience, as he continued.

“They deal with a lot from us, but I’m sure that days like this make all their troubles worth every minute.”

Jonathan then went on to encourage his fellow graduates.

“Don’t let this be the last thing you do to better your future.”

Matthew Zambrano, who received his National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) electrical certification, was also a speaker.

“I’d like to take a moment,” he said, “to thank the wardens, the officers, and the staff in this facility. Because without them helping us, our goals would not be achieved here today. I’d also like to thank my fellow graduates, because they want to make a difference in their lives. Being here today, for me, to graduate, not only tells me but also tells the world we are ready and willing to make a difference in our lives.”