Mother Just Released from Lockhart Facility is a New Woman Thanks to MTC

Mother Just Released from Lockhart Facility is a New Woman Thanks to MTC

The Lockhart Correctional Facility in Texas provides incarcerated women with many programs to help them learn the tools they need to succeed after release.

Lynn Grovey was released in April 2018. Her time at the Lockhart facility changed her life. She wrote a letter to Warden James Frawner thanking him and his staff for making a significant impact on her life. She wrote,

“I’m writing you this to express how much MTC has made a special imprint on my life. I am, well a first-time offender. My time here at MTC made me see myself as a person, not a troublesome person. 


I’ve accomplished so much here. I was in praise dance (which I’ve never done a day in my life). But, now I’m really good at it! I was in choir, taken many Acceleron classes…somebody cares, wall talk, financial literacy, etc. And thus recently, I’ve earned my GED, something that I’ve been wanting for 11 years. People have always looked down at me because I never finished school. Now I can leave here a very changed person with a diploma. I’m a mother of seven. I want to keep furthering my education and give my kids and I a better future. 


I couldn’t have gotten that diploma without the help of your wonderful education staff and two awesome teachers who didn’t give up on me! Mrs. Williams and Ms. Harlen.


There were times when I wanted to give up and quit! But if not for Mrs. Williams pushing me when I was in her adult basic education class, and Ms. Harlen telling me not to give up when I didn’t pass it the first time, I probably would have quit.


So, I just want to say thank you warden. MTC has definitely made a special impact on my life. I know once I set my mind to something, I can do it! I definitely believe that!