Moving Forward: Marcus Embraces His Future

“When I first got to the Diboll unit,” says Marcus Charles, “I didn’t know where I was going. I was like, ‘Where’s Diboll? Where’s this? Where am I going?’”

The Diboll Correctional Center is located in Diboll, TX. Marcus Charles was a resident there for a time and was released in the first part of 2021.

“When I got there, it was just – and it’s crazy to say this about a penitentiary – but it was really just genuine love. From the staff, from the warden to the newest CO. The officers speak to you like you’re a human being. I just feel like they train their CO’s and their officers to, hey look, these are people who made mistakes. These people are trying to get ready to go home. So, our job is to help them transition and prepare for what’s to come.”

Diboll Marcus Charles Profile Still
Former Diboll resident Marcus Charles

As a young man, Marcus saw his destiny as something far different than spending 11 years in prison. He made some mistakes that diverted him from his pathway leading to a successful football career. Instead, he went through an extended learning experience he never dreamed would be his. But now that it’s over, he sees a bright future.

“If I could put it all in one word,” states Marcus, “it’s been amazing. It’s been amazing. I’m on the right path, I got a good job, a good support system.”

Marcus works at a call center and has become affiliated with a faith-based organization through which he actively ministers and serves others while receiving the same support in return.

“I don’t like that I was locked up, but the Diboll unit? I really enjoyed myself over there. I did, it was an experience. You know, I got to meet some great people in the staff over there; they’re just nothing but respectful, and I have high respect for everybody that works over there.”

David Driskell is the warden at the Diboll unit. “I think Marcus is a prime example of what MTC is about, what we try to do, and make a difference in people’s life,” he explains. “For someone to come here and take advantage of our programs, really put their best foot forward in making some changes, so that they’re successful when they get out? He did that while he was here.” Looking forward, Marcus sees nothing but opportunity.

“I’m just ready for whatever God has for me. I’m ready for it.”

Diboll Marcus Charles Profile Still
Former Diboll resident Marcus Charles