MTC Hosts COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

MTC opened its doors to the community. Partnering with the Davis County Health Department in Utah, MTC held a free COVID vaccine clinic. They got the word out to neighbors.

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MTC COVID Vaccine Clinic

“I went around,” says Ammaron Wolfgramm who helped organize event, “and passed out flyers to the bank, to the theater, to all the other companies. And everyone was like awesome.”

Heather Manuz, who works for MTC, says the clinic in Centerville made it easy for residents who wanted a quick way to get vaccinated.

“Fantastic opportunity for a lot of people in the area. Here, you’re right in the neighborhood where there are a lot of homes and people might be able to access it.”

MTC vaccine clinic
MTC COVID Vaccine Clinic

 Some paperwork, a few questions, and a quick poke.

“No, no. It didn’t hurt at all,” says Ammaron. “I actually didn’t even feel a thing.”

For MTC employee Cory Christensen, it wasn’t as painless.

“It did hurt a little bit. You get a little poke, but nothing that’s too terrible.”

MTC corporate staff say this was a great opportunity.

“I think the bottom line for me,” says Donny Manus, “is that I’m vaccinated because of the convenience that MTC provided by having at work.”

And now that they’re vaccinated, they’ve got a new outlook on life. 

MTC vaccine clinic
MTC COVID Vaccine Clinic

Benton Eskelsen recently joined MTC as an intern.

I think for me, the big thing is it’s one thing you don’t have to worry about anymore. I don’t need to worry about masks as much anymore. I don’t need to worry about if I’m going to get sick, if I’m going to get my wife sick.

“I think we’re all looking to go back to normal,” adds Donny. “And I certainly think that the more folks who get vaccinated puts us in the best position to get back to our lives and to enjoy things.”

MTC vaccine clinic
MTC COVID Vaccine Clinic