MTC is Zeroed in on Success and Improving Lives – Part 3

Five goals, one purpose: to make a social impact in our society. MTC’s third goal in 2020 is to make sure all of our staff feel supported and valued. It’s called our culture of caring.

“We’ve got nearly 11,000 employees,” says MTC President Scott Marquardt. “And each one is so important to us and to the work we do…as we try to improve people’s lives. It’s our Believe it or Not I Care or culture of caring approach. And this year, we’re doing even more.”

Job Corps Classroom

This goal includes launching a new on-boarding process for new staff, improving the staff engagement survey, and using best practices to make sure our staff stick around for a long time.

Scott Marquardt, MTC President

Scott adds, “We’ve got amazing staff. In this goal, we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to hire the right people, help them succeed in their new roles and develop them for continued success in the future.”

So far, we’ve reviewed three of MTC’s five goals for 2020: safety and security, engaged learning and a culture of caring. Next time we’ll talk about the fourth goal: communicating MTC’s success in improving lives and communities.