MTC is Zeroed in on Success and Improving Lives – Part 4

MTC’s fourth goal for 2020 is to make sure we’re communicating the positive impact we’re having in people’s lives and within our communities. The first step is to make sure we’re capturing compelling stories. Stories about people like Louis Monroe who improved his life through the Prison Entrepreneurship Program which is offered at the facility.

Oliver J. Bell Unit, Texas

“So, PEP has helped me come a long way,” says Louis, “and I am not the same person that I was when I first got locked up.”

You see the same success in Job Corps.

“If you have a choice between Job Corps and not Job Corps, pick Job Corps every time,” says Josiah Murrell who studied at the MTC-operated Wilmington Job Corps Center.

Job Corps teacher and student
Job Corps Classroom

Once we have the stories, our goal is to share them with as many stakeholders as possible including the media, communities, employees, elected officials, and many others. As we do this, MTC will be known for what it truly is—a company dedicated to improving people’s lives and communities. Speaking about the Imperial Regional Detention Facility, the Mayor of Imperial, California says:

“This particular facility is a real flagship. It is a real signature of what a progressive facility should be like in its operation, in its philosophy.”

Imperial Mayor
Calexico, CA Mayor

Rusk County (Texas) Judge Joel Hale says MTC has been a strong community partner.

“When MTC first opened Bradshaw, they had a tremendous impact, positive impact on the community…They have always been an integral part of the community.”

Next time we’ll take a look at MTC’s fifth and final goal for 2020: maintaining the company’s stability, growth and financial strength.