MTC is Zeroed in on Success and Improving Lives – Part 5

MTC’s five goals for 2020: ensuring safety & security, using engaged learning, strengthening our culture of caring, communicating success and maintaining the company’s stability, growth and financial success. We’ve talked about the first four…now let’s take a closer look at goal five.

dan marquardt
MTC Senior Vice President Dan Marquardt

“MTC has been around for nearly 40 years because of the great work of our staff and our focus on responsible growth. Every time we take on a new project, we do all we can to be successful,” says Senior Vice President Dan Marquardt.

MTC will grow its business through technically and financially sound proposals and contracts.

Dan adds, “We will look for new opportunities this year to expand out training and education to at-risk students in Job Corps, to incarcerated men and women in prison, and to people in underdeveloped countries around the world.”

offenders generic
Rehabilitation Programs are Vital to Success in Prisons

MTC’s five goals are focused on better serving our staff and men and women in our facilities throughout the United States and internationally.

“MTC will continue to raise the bar,” says Dan. “This year’s five goals will require hard work and focus, but we know they will help us all do a better of job of improving people’s lives and strengthening the communities in which we work and live.”