MTC is Zeroed in on Success and Improving Lives – Part I

Job Corps Classroom
Job Corps Classroom

In 2020, MTC is focused on five main goals—all of which help make a positive social impact in society. One, making sure our staff and those we serve are safe and secure.

Two, using engaged learning to help at-risk men and women improve their lives. Three, strengthening our culture of caring to benefit staff. Four, communicating our success to our many stakeholders. And five, maintaining MTC’s stability, growth and financial strength.

First up…safety and security.

“Having a safe working environment is so important,” says Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Dan Marquardt. “When those we care about feel safe and secure, great things will happen.”

Dan Marquardt MTC Senior VP
Dan Marquardt,  MTC Senior VP

So, this year, MTC is auditing all of its facilities to identify any concerns, launching new safety committees and training staff using effective tools and accountability systems

“We’re going to be closely watching our safety policies and performance this year,” adds Dan. “We know it’ll make a difference in the work we do.”

That’s goal one: safety and security. Next time, we’re talking about engaged learning. Not sure what that is? Tune in as Senior Vice Presidents John Pedersen and Leann Bertsch break it down for us.