MTC Recognizes its COVID-19 Heroes

MTC Recognizes its COVID-19 Heroes

We’ve heard a lot about essential workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and there are many whom we salute and appreciate at this time including healthcare workers, law enforcement, food service employees, and many others.

At MTC, we are fortunate to employ thousands of essential workers. Our correctional and detention officers provide vital services to several government partners and most importantly to the men and women in our care. Our staff have worked hard to strictly follow Centers for Disease and Control COVID-19 recommendations. These precautionary measures include screening all visitors, using personal protective equipment, disinfecting housing, eating, and recreation areas daily, washing hands frequently, establishing dedicated quarantine units, coordinating with local health department officials—and the list goes on.

Our medical professionals provide life-saving services, especially at a time like this. Our medical team operates at 11 of our correctional and detention facilities. They include doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are working around the clock to minimize the risk of the COVID-19 and to treat those who have contracted the virus.

Our Job Corps staff are also providing vital services to thousands of underserved youth throughout the country. Right now, they’re doing this via a temporary distance-learning program until centers fully re-open. Most of our students are feeling the impact of the recovering economy and need job skills to become self-sufficient and productive.

We deeply value our staff for their commitment to making a social impact in the lives of so many people—at a time of uncertainty and great challenges. Our employees and clients have been doing their part to keep themselves and community healthy during the pandemic. Here are a couple of recent stories:


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