MTC Responds to Executive Order Directing Department of Justice to End Partnership with Private Prisons

MTC Responds to Executive Order Directing Department of Justice to End Partnership with Private Prisons

On January 26, 2021, President Biden signed an executive order directing the Department of Justice to phase out the use of private prisons, as contracts expire.


We believe prohibiting the private sector from providing services to the federal government will have a negative impact on these corrections agencies and the people within their care. We invite the new Administration to take a closer look at the benefits of the longstanding public-private partnership between the private sector and the federal government.


The President says the reason for the executive order is because private prisons are less “humane” and “safe” than those operated by the public sector—however, it is unclear what data President Biden used to make these claims. The Administration also blames high incarceration rates on private prisons, which frankly makes no sense because contractors have no say as to what laws are enacted and who is ultimately incarcerated. MTC has never advocated for any law or policy which would imprison more people or extend the sentences of those who are.


MTC has worked with the federal government for decades to provide humane, safe, and dignified services to the men and women in our care. We provide the highest standards of care and are proud of our employees’ commitment to providing effective rehabilitation and reducing recidivism. MTC has effectively prioritized programs which prepare offenders for re-entry and reduce the reoffending rate.


Private-sector contractors house only 9% of federal inmates. If this executive order were truly about reducing the number of people who are incarcerated, it must address the services, programs, and rehabilitation efforts provided in government-run correctional facilities—which account for 91% of federally incarcerated men and women housed in government-run correctional facilities.


The private sector brings innovation and competition which results in better services at all federal correctional facilities including safety & security, medical care, education, vocational, substance abuse, and rehabilitation.


MTC has worked closely with Democratic and Republican administrations, including over the eight years that President Biden served as Vice President. Contractors provide flexible, cost-effective solutions to often difficult challenges confronting the federal government. We’ve been reliable partners offering dignified, respectful care to thousands of incarcerated men and women over the years.


While MTC applauds the new Administration’s focus on criminal-justice reform and reducing the number of people who are incarcerated—we believe the decision to phase out the use of public-private partnerships in corrections does not move us in that direction.


The Reason Foundation published commentary on the new executive order, calling the measure “misguided.” Click on the link below to read the full story.  Biden’s Misguided Federal Prison Executive Order


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