MTC Rolls Out Staff Culture of Caring Initiative

You’ve heard it before…employees are a company’s greatest assets. And it’s true. So, here at MTC, we’re working hard to improve how we communicate to and treat our staff.

“We really care a great deal about all of our employees. At MTC for over 30 years, we’ve had a BIONIC philosophy. And BIONIC stands for Believe it or Not I Care. That philosophy has permeated through everything that we do at MTC.”

Teresa Aramaki is the vice president of MTC’s human resources department.

“We know that when employees are treated well, they’re happy. When they feel that they are treated with respect, that they’re valued, they’re appreciated and recognized for their good work.”

One of MTC’s goals is to reduce the company’s turnover rate by 15 percent and keep vacancies below 8 percent.

What research has found is that employees care most about what we call the four Cs:

Connection, culture, clarification and compliance. And it’s something a company must demonstrate to a new staff member immediately. First connection.

“It’s important for us to connect with an individual from the time that they apply with MTC all the way through to the date that they start at MTC and thereon with their on-boarding process.”

For culture, new hires want to understand the norms and expectations.

Clarification – they want to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities

And compliance, they want to make sure they understand the company’s rules and regulations

MTC’s new focus will involve:

  • Hiring the right employee
  • Keeping them engaged even before they start
  • Embracing them
  • Helping them feel safe and supported
  • Getting feedback
  • And showing appreciation

Teresa says not only will this new initiative help MTC recruit and retain new staff, it will enhance the way employees feel about their work environment and the strengths they bring to the company.

“So, the Culture of Caring initiative is designed to create a positive, rich, challenging, and fulfilling experience for all of our employees. We want people to feel welcome when they are hired. We want them to receive all the training and tools they need to meet all of the expectations. We want them to feel safe and secure.”