MTC’s Strong Community Connection in Henderson

Today’s story is about connecting with the community. Along the way, we’ll meet a few people who have enjoyed upward mobility and job satisfaction through their careers at MTC.


“It’s been amazing for them to see something in me that I was not able to see in myself, originally,” states Brandi Hornsby, who has worked with MTC for 13 years. She started her career in corrections as a mail room clerk at the Billy Moore Correctional Center when MTC was not the operator. She is now a director with the MTC Region III office, based in Henderson, Texas, her hometown. Reflecting on her career, she’s amazed at the opportunities that have come her way.

East Texas Henderson Locals Still
Brandi Hornsby, Director Corrections, Region III


“And it’s all because MTC gave me a chance,” she says.


Elizabeth Tyson is another Henderson local part of the MTC family. She’s worked for the company for 12 years, where she started as a counselor at the East Texas Treatment Facility and is now assistant warden. She recognizes the impact the facility has had on her hometown.


“It’s a huge blessing to have it for our employees and for this town that I love,” says Elizabeth. “I’ve lived here my entire life, and I see the impact that we have in the community.”


Besides community outreach and service, MTC strives to strengthen the local economy. And that includes job opportunities.


“We really strive hard in trying to hire locally as much as we can,” explains Michael Bell, vice president of MTC Corrections region III. “We believe that we want to hire the best-qualified candidates, but we’ve been very successful finding the best-qualified candidates right here in Henderson, Texas.”


Mike, himself, is a native of Henderson. When MTC opened the Bradshaw State Jail in 1995, he came on board as the chief of security. Twenty-seven years later, he’s the vice president of MTC Corrections region III, based in Henderson, which is home to three MTC facilities. The nearby Billy Moore unit is only a few miles away in Overton.


Michael Upshaw is the warden of the East Texas Treatment Facility. “It’s just pretty unique,” he says, “to have a community like this that has them opportunities for the people of the community to join and be a part of something bigger than just going to work every day. It’s more than just a paycheck. It’s knowing that you’re really doing something beneficial for people to help them.”


“I’m grateful for MTC,” affirms Brandi, “I’m grateful for the opportunity, and I’m grateful that it’s here in my hometown, and it just continues to grow, and we are impacting so many people. Staff and clients. And it’s just an amazing opportunity, and an amazing experience for me to be a part of that.”


“I definitely have gratitude for MTC,” agrees Elizabeth. “For coming to Henderson, and for giving us a chance to show what we can do here and what this community is capable of.”

East Texas Henderson Locals Still
Elizabeth Tyson, Assistant Warden, East Texas Treatment Facility