Native Americans at MTC’s Dalby Correctional Facility Express Appreciation

“Here at MTC, there’s at least 23 religions,” explains Chaplain Samuel Rodriguez of the Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility in Post, Texas. “So, it’s helped me to understand all of the different religions and really have a respect for what they believe.”

Chaplain Rodriguez and many other staff members assist men whose religious practice includes the sweat lodge purification ceremony. The staff members help acquire and assemble the needed items to make the worship experience successful.

“I think the most rewarding is just seeing the inmates being able to participate in their religion, or practice their religion,” says Chaplain Rodriguez. The men involved in the ceremony say they’re fortunate to have this opportunity in prison.

Ramiro Jaimes, Resident

“When it comes to staff at this facility, I do believe that they go out of their way to be of help, and of aid whenever it is that we need them.”

 Augustin Ortiz, Resident

“The chaplain here at MTC, he helps us get everything we need.” 

Eloy Guzman, Resident

“This facility helps us to practice our beliefs, in different ways. Because we have never had a problem.  The first day I got here they have always helped me; they have guided me…They will ask each of us what we need. ‘Oh, you need this? Do you feel comfortable?’ They always look out for us as a group. As a Native American group.”

 Ramiro Jaimes, Resident

“I give it to staff, they respect us. They allow us our space. And when it comes to us asking for whatever means needed to facilitate and practice according to the Lakota belief? They do. They do provide, and they are very helpful.”

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