Partnership With Mexican Consulate Helps Residents at Otero County Prison Facility

Partnership With Mexican Consulate Helps Residents at Otero County Prison Facility

Otero I Meeting with the Mexican Consulate

At MTC, we all know the importance of education. That’s why Dr. Bob Marquardt formed the company 40 years ago, and that’s why it continues strong today under the leadership of the Marquardt family.

Some residents at the Otero County Prison Facility, who are from Mexico, never had the opportunity to receive basic education in their lives. That’s why the facility teamed up with the Mexican Consulate in El Paso, TX to provide the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) program, the equivalency of the American GED.

Otero I and Mexican Consulate Partnership

The INEA program is offered through the Mexican Consulate to residents who do not know how to read or write. The objective of the program is to provide residents with the skills and knowledge in four areas: language/communication, mathematics, natural sciences, and social studies. This education goes a long way in helping these residents prepare for a successful life after they’re released.

The Otero facility and Mexican Consulate recently held an event to discuss ways to improve the INEA program and to find other ways to support both organizations in their efforts to improve people’s lives.

Luis Gutierrez, head of the Institute of Mexican Abroad, presented nine boxes of Spanish books to Otero County Prison Facility Academic Instructor Elizabeth Jones.

Elizabeth expressed her deep appreciation for the donation and for the facility’s partnership with the Mexican Consulate.

Otero I Donates Blankets to Mexican Consulate

“These books will be a great asset to our bilingual residents at the facility,” says Elizabeth. “We appreciate everything the Mexican Consulate does to help us better care for the people we serve.”

The facility, led by lead instructor Hector Montes, later donated 100 crochet blankets to the Mexican Consulate in El Paso to support their COVID-19 vaccine event focused on youth.