Recognizing Health Services Administrator Chris Pascale

MTC Medical provides the medical services at many of the facilities we operate. The medical team at each site is led by a health services administrator or HSA.

All of us at MTC want to take a moment to salute each one of our HSAs, knowing they represent the determination and fortitude of every member of their team at each facility where MTC Medical has a presence.

In this story, we pay tribute to Chris Pascale, the HSA at the Otero County Prison Facility in Chaparral, NM. Hector Rios is the warden.

Pascale Otero I
Chris Pascale, HSA, Otero County Prison Facility

Chris: “It’s a challenge every day. As long as I’ve been here, I’m still learning things that I didn’t know. But I am happy, I enjoy my work. I enjoy what I do.”

HSA Otero II Araceli Canada Still

Warden Rios: “She leads by example; very hard worker. She does not have a problem rolling up her sleeves. We talk about BIONIC, Believe It or Not I Care. Well, she’s an example of BIONIC. As a matter of fact, she was Employee of the Year for taking the lead and caring. Anytime she gets called at one o’clock, two o’ clock in the morning, that they need someone that she can’t find, she’ll come in. No problem. Or she adjusts her schedule, so that she can be in when we don’t have enough staff. You can see that everybody’s getting the medical attention that they need, without a miss.”

Chris: “I’ve had several inmates tell me, ‘You know what Ms. Pascale? Ever since we’ve been here, you guys have provided me with the best care. I feel like I’m alive because of your staff. You guys showed us that you do care. You guys provide an excellent medical department.’ I’ve had several inmates tell me that. And I enjoy my staff. They’re the ones that do the work, not me.”

Warden Rios: “And she is a testimony of what MTC’s mantra is, Believe It or Not I Care. And I do believe that Ms. Pascale does a good job in doing that.”