Rehabilitation Programs at the Bridgeport Facility Inspire Men to Change

The Bridgeport Correctional Center, in Bridgeport, TX, is pleased to provide programming opportunities to the men who reside there. The warden, a couple of instructors, and a few residents explain their thoughts on the programming available at the facility.

Gary Currie (Warden): “Every employee on the unit is behind the rehabilitation of the offenders charged to us, and the programs, they really support them. They have so much energy and enthusiasm in making a positive change on the offenders at this facility; it cannot be quantitively measured. The look on the offenders’ faces, the staffs’ faces when they’re interacting and participating in these programs is just—it’s a really good feeling. I take a lot of pride in it.”

Ronnie Bramlett (Resident): “Having classes here at MTC definitely helps me think of a positive way to stay out. So, it definitely puts you in a different mindset.”

Ronald Sattiewhite (Resident): “All the classes here are beneficial, you just have to put them to use.”

Instructor Anne McFadden (Instructor): “Once they see some success, usually they fall in there, and they’re looking for more. It’s like anyone that learns, you just want to learn more. So, if we can get them to feel successful in any area, that opens the door for more success.”

Leroy Smith (resident): “I’ve seen the change, even before I got here, but this is a little bit more motivation by the way things go, the way they operate here. They told me when I got here in orientation that it’s ‘Success For Life’, which I guess is their motto. And I kinda like that. I know that they’re gonna give me all the tools and information I need to stay out, and I’m gonna use all the help I can get. I’m gonna take this with me upon my release.”

Betty Dawson (instructor): “I like it when they get it. And when the “a-ha” moment comes, like, ‘yeah, I didn’t think that through, maybe if I do this next time, I won’t come back.’ And maybe if I can make a difference for one person, and they leave here, they’re making a difference to hundreds of others, because they’re leaving here, and its affecting their family and everybody that they’re involved with that will be better off because they don’t return to prison.”

Ronald Sattiewhite (resident): “Well, it’s gonna help me teach my children to live life on life’s terms and not just–you got to be careful with what you do in life, because everything you do affects you in the long run.”









About Bridgeport Correctional Center

Bridgeport Correctional Center is accredited by the American Correctional
Association—achieving 100% compliance for both mandatory and non-mandatory
standards in its most recent audit. Other accreditations and certifications include the
Correctional Education Association and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).