Scott Marquardt Wishes You Happy Holidays

Hi, I’m Scott Marquardt.

I want to take a minute to thank our many employees and wish you all happy holidays. MTC is doing great work around the world, educating and training thousands of young people through Job Corps, rehabilitating men and women in our correctional facilities, effectively transitioning individuals in our detention centers, and providing workforce training worldwide.

MTC continues to believe in every person’s ability to learn, to work, and to succeed. And we will continue to offer innovative programs that work where other programs have failed. In every part of our business, we create cultures very different from what our clients have seen elsewhere. Our culture is built on caring, respect, new expectations, support, and determination.

It’s each of you coming to work every day with a commitment to help those whom we serve, that makes MTC successful. Our company has a very bright future. We will continue to grow, and we will continue to help those that need our help.

You can clearly see the impact we’re having when you view the success stories on our websites. The change is real, and we couldn’t pull it off without the dedication and commitment of our valuable staff. I suggest you regularly check out our websites, and if you’re a supervisor, share these stories and videos with your staff at department meetings. It’s a great way to stay informed and see the rewards of all our hard work.

Like many of you during the holiday season my thoughts turn to family and friends. And that includes you. Our incredible employees. Thank you for being a part of the MTC family. And for making us a leader in social impact. From all of us here at the corporate office, Happy Holidays!