See How the MTC Corporate Office Battled Homelessness in Their Backyard

Still Homeless
MTC Delivers Clothing to the Utah Department of Workforce Services

MTC corporate staff rolled up their sleeves to help the homeless in Utah. MTC partnered with three organizations. The Lantern House Homeless Shelter of Ogden, the Department of Workforce Services, and the Davis School District.

First…employees rallied to help the Lantern House Homeless Shelter.

“Right now we’re assembling some employment resources kits for the homeless around the Ogden area,” says Emily Grubb who works for the corporate office and helped organize the effort.

Staff put together 200 employment resource folders with information about how to write a resume, a list of employers looking to hire, and other valuable information.

MTC also donated $200 worth of gift cards to restaurants to incentivize people looking for employment.

Second…a big donation to the Department of Workforce Services.

“This is the professional clothing closet,” explains MTC Vice Chair Jane Marquardt as she points to a clothing rack full of clothes. “So, lots of people in this building have donated their gently used business clothes, and we’re donating it to Workforce Services up in Weber County for people to wear to their job interviews.”

Still Homeless

The donations kept coming…filling up two large clothing racks and more. But MTC didn’t stop there. Randi Juergens, who helped organize the project, shows us the warming bags.

“Each one of these bags contains hats, gloves, socks, a warming blanket, and some snacks.”

The third organization the MTC corporate office supported was the Davis School District…where staff donated needed clothing to the Clearfield High School Teen Center. In the Davis School District, some 1,200 kids are experiencing homelessness.

“It’s a huge problem in our state,” adds Jane speaking of homelessness. “And we’re certainly not going to solve it, but every person we help not be homeless is a step in the right direction.”