Senior Vice President Dan Marquardt Talks About New Staff Training Initiative

MTC Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Dan Marquardt talks about upcoming training sessions for finance staff throughout the company.

“MTC’s annual finance conference is important to keep all divisions of MTC operating smoothly. But, not being able to do that, with the pandemic that’s going on, we decided we have to stay true to this commitment—which is the development and training of our employees. So, we moved to a teleconference to provide that essential training.”

MTC started its finance training last week on WebEx.

“We realize our strength, at MTC, is our finance folks out in the field. It’s important for us to prioritize their development. And, this is going to be a real good tool to do that.”

President of MTC, Scott Marquardt, told those on a recent finance video conference, “Finance is very important to our operation. It’s really been a hallmark of MTC. The integrity we have in the systems and the people we have is phenomenal, and all of our customers recognize that.”

MTC will spread out the online video sessions over the next four months, holding training a couple of hours a week.

Vice President Mary Calvin adds, “Our finance department here at the corporate office, as well as our facility finance departments, are critical to our business. It’s important that we pay our employees, we pay our vendors, and also that we maintain records properly for our contracts and also so we can win new business.”

“Yea, this is definitely a new approach for training for us,” Dan says, “[But] it’s proving to be a really good decision, and I look forward to the success of the conference.”