Shenesi Beard’s BIONIC Approach at The Graceville Correctional Facility

Today’s story is about an employee who goes the extra mile to make a lasting difference for residents and staff.


“Shenesi Beard is just a super person,” says Warden Scott Middlebrooks.
Shenesi is a Unit Manager at the Graceville Correctional Facility. She works with staff and residents to ensure that security is what it needs to be in her dorm and that the men have everything they need.”

Graceville Staff Profile Shenesi Beard Still
Shenesi Beard, Unit Manager, Graceville Correctional Facility

“I love it,” Shenesi says, “Because I’m able to take care of the inmates’ needs because an inmate has to have some kind of advocate for them.”

Warden Scott Middlebrooks quickly saw Shenesi’s potential. “When we transitioned back on September 1st, 2021, Shenesi was a captain. She was one of the first unit managers that I selected. I didn’t know Shenesi at the time, but something about her, her personality, caught my eye. And I thought she’d be a good unit manager. Since she’s been in that position, she’s come a long way and embraced the duties and functions of a unit manager. And has just been a staunch supporter of both Graceville and MTC.”
“I love Mr. Middlebrooks,” Shenesi grins. “From the time he came back in September last year, we clicked just like that. When I have issues,
I go to him, he listens.”

When visiting with Shenesi, she brought in some examples to show us the kind of projects her and her boyfriend work on in their side business, a venture she enjoys because of the stress release it presents and also because it allows her to spend time with her family.
“We work really good as a team,” she says. “And I get my kids involved. I mean, when I’m at home, I’m at home.”
Warden Middlebrook sees Shenesi as a standout, but he also sees her as a representative of all the staff he works with at Graceville.
“MTC does things differently than the previous contractor,” he states, “and so it was a change for them. But I’m happy to say that I’ve really seen staff embrace the culture of MTC. The BIONIC philosophy that we have. And now it’s just part of their everyday life.”


“I love the family here,” Shenesi says, “Everybody’s backing you up. They back you up 100%. I love being supported here.”

Graceville Staff Profile Shenesi Beard Still
Shenesi Beard, Unit Manager, Graceville Correctional Facility


“Aside from being a good role model and a good leader,” Warden Middlebrooks states, “A good mentor for the offenders and residents
that she oversees, and the staff that are working her unit, she’s just a great role model. And MTC is blessed to have her.”