Staying Positive With Emmanuel Griffin

From vegetables to meat, there is something to like about the food at Bradshaw State Jail. “They enjoy the food here,” said Bradshaw resident Emmanuel Griffin.

Still Emmanuel
Emmanuel Griffin, Bradshaw State Jail

“It’s a different recipe than other units. They have Philly cheesesteak. they don’t have that at other units. (They have) barbecue chicken, you hardly ever see that at other units.”

At Bradshaw State Jail,  meals are a team effort.  A key part of that team is Emmanuel Griffin. However, Emmanuel’s important role on the kitchen team isn’t about the right combination of ingredients.

For Emmanuel, it’s not about the food; it’s what comes after. “I clean up everything,” Emmanuel said. “When everything gets torn up, they get me to clean it up.”

For a large part of his cleanup, Emmanuel mops, and mops; doing his part to support the kitchen team. Being part of the kitchen team has helped Emmanuel in multiple ways.

It feels good to get out of the dorm and work,” Emmanuel explained. “It keeps my vibe positive. “Part of Emmanuel’s positive vibe is a message of hope, for those working through rehabilitation. “You can change, think positive and whatever you’re going through you’ll get through it,” Emmanuel said.”

Stills Emmanuel
Emmanuel Griffin, Bradshaw State Jail