Taking a Look at the Social Impact MTC Staff Made in 2018

2018 was an exciting and fulfilling year for MTC. Did you know we trained more 11,000 students at 27 Job Corps centers around the nation? These students went on to high-demand jobs, higher education, or the military. People like Dwayne Rodriguez who now works for several large security firms. Speaking of the benefits of Job Corps, Dwayne said, 

“Yes, yes, definitely. I would say this program helped me for the better because I was able to get a lot of certifications in homeland security.”

We also provided evidence-based rehabilitation programs and other services to nearly 27,000 incarcerated men and women daily at 21 correctional facilities across the country. We’re reducing recidivism. Just ask Sage Williamson who spent time at MTC’s Idaho Correctional Alternative Placement Program facility.

“They’ve taught me a lot of tools through the CBI-SA [cognitive behavioral intervention-substance abuse] program which I took and also the pre-release, that I will be using for the rest of my life.”

And our work in corrections has been highlighted by corrections leaders including former New Mexico Secretary of the Department of Corrections David Jablonski.

“This facility, I think, is the best facility in the country,” said Mr. Jablonski. “You look at the model that you have here. I think the state, New Mexico, we want to achieve what you guys do here. It’s amazing, with your audits. The morale is incredible here with the staff. It’s reflective of the vacancies—very low vacancies. The programming here is above board. I can’t say enough about this facility. I wish I could duplicate it up north in New Mexico.”

Also, in 2018, at our four detention facilities, we provided more than 27-hundred men and women held by Immigration & Customs Enforcement with clean and safe living conditions with full access to quality healthcare, legal resources, educational programs and meaningful recreation services. MTC’s difference in detention is clear to many including Carlos Flores who is with the Mexican Consulate in Calexico, California. 

“In my opinion, MTC is a very modern, it’s a very functional, and it’s a very clean place where they treat the inmates respectfully. And amongst them, a good number of Mexicans.”

MTC also provided quality healthcare to nearly 15,000 men and women at 7 correctional facilities, 4 detention centers, and one county jail in Florida. Dominic Dilucia at MTC’s North Central Correctional Complex in Marion, Ohio wrote this about his experience with MTC Medical staff.

“My personal experience with the MTC medical department at the North Central Correctional Complex has been excellent. The medical staff are very understanding to situations that arise and always see me in a timely manner. They show empathy when treating me, and I find it easy to talk with them.” 

In England, MTC coordinated and provided transitional services to approximately 27,000 men and women recently released from prison. The services, including housing, job placement, and addiction recovery, helped men and women successfully re-integrate back into society—ultimately reducing recidivism. And we also provided rehabilitation services to nearly 100 young offenders at a facility in the United Kingdom.

Through a grant from the United State Agency for International Development, MTC provided workforce development training to more than 27,000 teachers in Egypt and helped place nearly 7,000 students in internships and jobs in 2018.

So, as you can see, MTC’s mission is to help at-risk populations live productive, meaningful lives.