Tech Support, Life Enjoyment with Donnie Mendez

Donnie Mendez has a unique job. He works for two facilities: The Otero County Prison Facility and the Otero County Processing Center.

He is the Information Systems support person for the Chaparral, New Mexico facilities. And he loves his job.

“I’ve always believed that doing something you love,” Donnie said. “You’ll never work a day in your life. So, when I’m here at work it’s not really a stressful type of situation. And my wife notices that. When I was a cop, it was sleepless nights – for her and me. She’s happy, I’m happy. We’re good. I love it.”

Otero Facilities Staff Profile Donnie Mendez Still
Donnie Mendez – Otero Facilities

 With his background in law enforcement, as well as the military, Donnie has been around the block a time or two. He knows a good thing when he sees it.

 “Each department, of course, at both facilities is really close. Everyone works well as a team.  It’s great.”

 The wardens of both Otero County facilities have plenty to say about Donnie.

 Dora Orozco is the warden at the Otero County Processing Center. “He comes with a wide variety of experience, and he’s always there to give a helping hand as much as he can. And he’s quick about it.”

“He’s an outstanding individual,” adds Rick Martinez, the former warden of the Otero County Prison Facility. “He’s an outstanding employee. He’s a gifted person. He’s committed at work, but he’s also committed to his family, and the children out in his community, as a coach.”

 Donnie is a volunteer basketball coach of his sons’ basketball teams. As such, he enjoys serving the community and striving to make a difference; not only in the lives of his own sons, but all the youth he coaches.

 I always tell my boys, if you’re not coachable, you may not be able to be employable. Basically, I’m like their second father figure, some a first father figure at practice. It’s not just basketball, we teach them about being on time, how to work as a group, and as a unit. Not just my boys, I treat all 15, up to 20, kids like they’re my own.”

Otero Facilities Staff Profile Donnie Mendez Still
Donnie Mendez – Basketball Coach

 When it comes down to what Donnie is all about, there’s no question about what means the most to him.

“My family. My boys, they’re excited when I come home. My wife. Just coming home every day.”