The Mayor of a Texas City Talks About Partnership with MTC Facilities

“Part of MTC’s mission is to integrate with the community,” says Warden Francisco Venegas of the El Valle Detention Center. “They’re a valuable partner in what we hope to accomplish here in this facility.”

MTC is proud to be a part of the Raymondville, Texas community, where we operate two facilities: The Willacy County Regional Detention Facility for the U.S. Marshalls Service and the El Valle Detention Center for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.

Gilbert Gonzales is the Mayor of Raymondville.

“They are involved in several of the events that we have throughout the year. I think they’re getting more involved as the years go by.”

“We reach out to local leadership constantly,” explains Warden Venegas, “ensuring that we have constant communication with them, and ensuring that they understand that our mission is more than just detention.”

City leaders are welcomed at both facilities. Mayor Gonzales is always impressed.

“What I like about this area,” he says, “this place here is it’s always clean, and I mean spotless clean. I don’t mind coming over here. You could sit down on the floor and eat.”

“They have visited this facility,” says Warden Venegas, “and they are aware of the extra care and consideration that we give to our detainee population, and through their personal knowledge, their communication with others supports what we’re trying to do here at MTC.”

“They are teaching them,” observes Mayor Gonzales, “they’re training them, they’re educating them. They come out better than what they came in, yes.”