Volunteers at Kyle Recognized for Making a difference

“We have volunteer service happening every day of the week here at our facility,” says Chaplain Michael McComb of the Kyle Correctional Center in Kyle, Texas.

The facility, operated by Management & Training Corporation (MTC), recently wanted to thank its 130 volunteers. Staff prepared gift bags as a token of appreciation and in recognition of the difference the dedicated volunteers make at the facility.

“I am fortunate enough,” says Loretta Linn, “to work with multiple sets of volunteers that come in and participate in substance abuse, after-hours volunteer work, spiritually-based programming—they do a number of things.” 

Ms. Linn is the transition coordinator for Gateway Foundation, a sub-contractor of MTC.  “I am humbled by these people and the time that they give to our guys, and we are so grateful and so thankful for these people and all that they do. There are a lot of things that wouldn’t be possible on our unit if we didn’t have them coming in.”

Chaplain McComb expresses the facility’s desire to show appreciation.  “So what we want to do is say thank you to our volunteers; thank you for your service and for your commitment to these men and our program.  And our success would not be what it is, if it were not for you.”

Pat Lower, a religious services volunteer, says she and her husband John love the facility and the people. 

“We just love the crew that’s in here. We love the warden. We love the men. We love the opportunity that we’ve been given to share and to encourage these men as they get ready to go out into the world, and I just thank God for the privilege of being able to come in here and be a part of this.”