Volunteers Recognized at the Billy Moore Correctional Center

The Billy Moore Correctional Center in Overton, Texas held a banquet in honor of the many people who volunteer at the facility. Facility Principal Jim Powell welcomed the volunteers.

“This is recognition for the great job that you do for the offenders on this unit.”  He went on to further praise them.

“You are beloved by all.  Not just the offenders, but by us as well.  You help us tremendously, in more ways than you’ll ever know.  You have taken what Billy Moore and MTC have said is our goal, and that is to provide a holistic approach to these individuals; so that through touching every part of their mind, body and soul, they don’t go back to prison.”

The volunteers were presented with certificates of appreciation and recognized for their service.

“I feel so blessed to be here at this facility,” Warden David Hudson told the volunteers, “because I have people like you that have my back.”