“They want to see you get out and stay free” says man incarcerated at Kyle Correctional Center

“I’ve dealt with responsibility issues growing up and coming here, they give you a chance to be structured.”

Matthew Voyles made poor decisions that led him to incarceration. Today, he’s serving time at MTC’s Kyle Correctional Center in Texas.

Matthew is involved in several programs that allow him to rethink past decisions and gain new skills that will help him succeed after he’s released. During his time at Kyle, Matthew has also been given the opportunity to work in the programs department. He says it hasn’t been easy—but it’s definitely been worth it.

“You have to commit to change in this program, and change is hard. But as long as you commit to it, and you believe you can change, you can.”

For Matthew, that belief in himself was sparked by staff members who believed in him.

“The staff here, they care. The counselors care. They want to see you achieve yourself. They want to see you get out and stay free. They don’t treat you like you’re a criminal still. They actually see you as a person.”