Why Earning a GED Means so Much to the Men at the Cleveland Correctional Center

The Cleveland Correctional Center in Texas offers a variety of programs designed to prepare incarcerated men for success after they’re released. The GED program has helped many men take a step in the right direction. This is what two graduates recently said about their great accomplishment.

Philip Steen

“I graduated at the beginning of this year, a valedictorian with my GED here at the MTC program. I’ve been incarcerated about seven years with an eight-year sentence total. And I’ve never really felt the need to accomplish a GED, thinking that I had success in other ways. But, I have five children in total, and I really wanted to push an example to them to strive for their education, and so, that really motivated me to want to be an example for them. It’s a lot easier, here at this facility, focusing on your education. I plan on furthering my education in business management. And I never really thought about going to college. I have a family that is college education. But, now that I have a GED, I feel that now I can actually enroll in college and actually be successful.”

Mark Skinner

“I’ve taken the opportunity to get my GED in the MTC unit in Cleveland, TX through the Windham School District. What made me pursue it was [that] the GED could open up more opportunities for jobs.”